0% Equipment Finance Promotion - Extended

This promotion was due to end on 31/03/2020 but due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation we are extending it to 30th October 2020.

Please Note: We are currently prioritising customers involved in essential support services and critical supply chain activities.

Offer your customers short term interest free finance

Promotion Start Date: Immediate.
Promotion End Date: Extended to 30th October 2020.
Objective: To support Rivermore Asset Finance equipment dealers and their customers.
Availability: Available only via supported Rivermore Asset Finance equipment dealers to UK registered Limited Companies and PLCs subject to contract, our approval of supplier and written credit acceptance.
Amount of Advance: Maximum £10,000.00 per agreement.
Term: Choose from 3 to 10 months.
Payment Method: Full VAT, first monthly payment and Facility Fee payable by Bank Transfer, remaining monthly payments by Direct Debit.
Interest Rate: 0%
Interest Charges: £0.00
Facility Fee: £250.00 per agreement.
Monthly Admin Fee: £0.00
Early Settlement Penalty: £0.00
Option to Purchase Fee: £0.00

To whom is this promotion relevant?

  • Your customers who need equipment now and want to spread the cost short term interest free.
  • Your customers who might normally pay cash but see an advantage for retaining cash for working capital, or investment elsewhere in their business.
  • Your customers who want to utilise their Annual Investment Allowance (AIA).*
  • Your customers who want to ease their cash-flow without a long-term finance agreement.

Other benefits

  • This facility can be utilised for new or used/refurbished equipment.
  • There are no early settlement penalties whatsover.
  • Agreement terms can be set to fall within a financial year end simplifying accounts treatment and minimising long term liabilities.
  • As well as being a useful facility to offer customers, equipment dealers can utilise this facility for financing RVs. Rivermore RVs and RVs from other finance companies.

Example Transaction

Equipment Cost: £7,000.00+VAT over 10 Months. Customer pays 10 monthly payments of £700.00. Its that simple.
(The Full VAT of £1,400.00 and Facility Fee of £250.00 together with the first monthly payment are due at the outset.)

How to calculate your customer quote

It's easy to calculate a customer monthly payment. Just divide your invoice price (Ex VAT) by the number of months (from 3 months to 10 months) and that's the respective monthly payment. Or utilise the online form below:

Enter Equipment Cost (Ex VAT) £ (Maximum £10k) with no commas and click 'Display Quotes'.

3 Month Agreement, 3 monthly payments of £
4 Month Agreement, 4 monthly payments of £
5 Month Agreement, 5 monthly payments of £
6 Month Agreement, 6 monthly payments of £
7 Month Agreement, 7 monthly payments of £
8 Month Agreement, 8 monthly payments of £
9 Month Agreement, 9 monthly payments of £
10 Month Agreement, 10 monthly payments of £

The Full VAT, first monthly payment and Facility Fee are payable by Bank Transfer, the remaining monthly payments by Direct Debit.

How to make a proposal with this plan

Please complete the details below and click 'Email Proposal'.

Customer Name
Equipment Make and Model
Year of Manufacture 
Cost (ex Vat) £
Term in Months

We send credit acceptances by email and will attach the customer agreement in pdf format. Our invoice details are at www.rivermore.com/invoice.

*The Government's Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) can be claimed with all our purchase agreements subject to statutory HMRC rules.

For further information please call 0800 978 8386 or email info@rivermore.com

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