Our Invoice details

We want to ensure we pay equipment invoices in a timely manner.

Our standard invoicing details are as follows:

  1. Invoice to Rivermore Limited, Berkeley House, Amery Street, Alton, Hants GU34 1HN
  2. Show the delivery to your named customer and the delivery address
  3. If there is more than one item, show each unit invoice amount separately
  4. State 'New and Unused' or 'Used' for each item
  5. State the Year of Manufacture of each item, even if New
  6. State the Serial Number(s) of all items and registration/chassis numbers if applicable
  7. For BACS payments direct to your bank account please state your Bank Account Number and Sort Code
  8. Before posting your invoice to us, please also email a copy to info@rivermore.com or fax a copy of your invoice to 0845 838 6978.

If you have any queries regarding invoicing please call 0800 978 8386.

For maintenance payments Rivermore operate a self-billing system with payments made direct by BACS. To get set up for this please contact us and we'll email you a simple one-off form for completion and return.

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