Capital Release Plan  

As well as providing our customers with finance for new and used equipment being supplied via manufacturers and dealers we can also help with working capital and cash-flow solutions by unlocking some of the capital currently tied up in existing equipment.

Does your company have a requirement for additional working capital?

Our Capital Release Plan is specifically designed to help you unlock and release capital currently tied up in your existing equipment.

Very simply, we purchase equipment from you for an agreed price and finance it back to you with agreed fixed monthly payments. You continue to use the equipment and own it at the end of the agreement.

  • Your capital is unlocked for use elsewhere in your business
  • Your monthly repayments are fixed for easy budgeting
  • Your bank facilities are left undisturbed

Readily available for UK registered limited companies and PLCs subject to contract and written credit acceptance. Utilising the equity in equipment that your company owns, cash can be released into your account within 48 hrs of application. This facility can also work as part of a refinancing structure.

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