0% Finance Promotion

A number of customers have asked us how they can spread the cost of small item equipment acquisition over short periods. By way of response we are pleased to set out summary information of our 0% Finance Promotion.

Short term interest free finance

Promotion Start Date: Immediate.
Promotion End Date: 31st October 2019. UPDATE: Due to popular demand the Promotion End Date for this promotion has been extended to 31st March 2020.
Objective: To provide Rivermore customers with short term equipment finance solutions.
Availability: Available to UK registered Limited Companies and PLCs subject to contract, our approval of supplier and written credit acceptance.
Amount of Advance: Maximum £10,000.00 per agreement.
Term: Choose from 3 to 10 months.
Payment Method: All payments by Direct Debit.
Interest Rate: 0%
Interest Charges: £0.00
Facility Fee: £250.00 per agreement.
Monthly Admin Fee: £0.00
Early Settlement Penalty: £0.00
Option to Purchase Fee: £0.00

Who do we think will like this?

  • Customers who need equipment now and want to spread the cost short term interest free.
  • Customers who want to utilise their Annual Investment Allowance (AIA).*
  • Customers who want to ease their cash-flow without a long-term finance agreement.

Example Transaction

Equipment Cost: £6,000.00+VAT over 6 Months. Pay 6 monthly payments of £1,000.00. Its that simple.
(The Full VAT of £1,200.00 and Facility Fee of £250.00 together with the first monthly payment are due at the outset.)

How to calculate your monthly repayment

It's easy to calculate your monthly payment. Just divide the equipment invoice price (Ex VAT) by the number of months (from 3 to 10 months) and that's the respective monthly payment. Or utilise the online calculator below:

Enter Equipment Cost (Ex VAT) £ (Maximum £10k) with no commas and click 'Display Repayments'.

3 Month Agreement, 3 monthly payments of £
4 Month Agreement, 4 monthly payments of £
5 Month Agreement, 5 monthly payments of £
6 Month Agreement, 6 monthly payments of £
7 Month Agreement, 7 monthly payments of £
8 Month Agreement, 8 monthly payments of £
9 Month Agreement, 9 monthly payments of £
10 Month Agreement, 10 monthly payments of £

The Full VAT, the Facility Fee of £250.00 and the first monthly payment are due at the outset.
All payments are collected by Direct Debit.

To apply, please call 0800 978 8386 or email info@rivermore.com

*The Government's Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) can be claimed with all our purchase agreements subject to statutory HMRC rules.

For further information please call 0800 978 8386 or email info@rivermore.com

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