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Rivermore Asset Finance


Finance for Equipment

Thank you for visiting our website. Whether you're a customer looking for the best equipment finance facilities for your business or an equipment supplier looking to offer your business customers competitive finance options our finance team are ready with the finance you need to help you achieve your objectives. Call 0800 978 8386 or email info@rivermore.com.
Adrian Langford, Managing Director.

Industry Sectors

Rivermore has financed thousands of items of equipment for thousands of businesses the length and breadth of the country and our customers are involved in just about every industry from engineering, electronics and printing to transport, chocolate making and textiles.


Our customers are predominantly businesses investing in equipment that have recognised that their cash or working capital facilities can almost certainly be better spent or invested as opposed to being tied up in fast depreciating assets.

Customers range in size from small niche-specialists and SMEs to larger limited companies, PLCs, multi-national groups and FTSE-100 companies.

Facilities are available from £5k to £1m+ for single transactions or credit lines.

  • • Competitive pricing
  • • Low initial outlay
  • • No hidden fees

Contact us for New Business Enquiries, Quotes, Information

Call 0800 978 8386 or email info@rivermore.com

Asset Finance and Leasing

Asset finance and leasing accounts for £20Billion+ per annum of UK investment in capital equipment.

Rivermore is a UK registered non-bank finance and leasing company established in 2004. We offer a range of finance facilities to UK businesses investing in equipment, plant, machinery and commercial vehicles.
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Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers

Rivermore is a specialist vendor finance company supporting over 140 dealerships throughout the UK with vendor programmes and sales-aid finance schemes.
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