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Invoice Finance

Organising and Controlling Cashflow

As and when the economy emerges from lockdown, an Invoice Finance facility could be a valuable part of your SME finance strategy providing a boost to cashflow in a simple and effective way. And that's why Rivermore has teamed up with a leading Invoice Finance delivery partner. If you want to get a facility in place, the time to do it is... now.

What is Invoice Finance and how does it work?

Invoice Finance is a straightforward process, and it begins with you raising your invoice for goods or services as usual. Once you’ve raised the invoice, a copy is sent straight to the Invoice Finance Service Provider who will forward you up to 90% of the invoice amount within 24 hours and the remaining 10% of the invoice once the full payment has been received from your customer.

  • Solution 1: Your Invoice Finance Service Provider collects your customer payments on your behalf managed by their team of expert credit controllers so you can focus on running your business.
  • Solution 2: With a Confidential Invoice Discounting solution you maintain your own credit control processes so your customers are unaware of the involvement of the Invoice Finance Service Provider and the facility remains strictly confidential.
  • A Credit Protection option can be built in to your facility providing comfort in the event of a customer failure.
Commercial Advantages
  • Boost your cashflow without having to wait long periods for your customers to pay you
  • During lockdown, online remote onboarding means you can set up your facility quickly and get access to funds as soon as possible
  • 6 month trial period followed by a rolling contract.
How much does an Invoice Finance facility cost?
This depends on your turnover. You will receive a written quote at the outset and there are no hidden fees.
Next Step?
Call 0800 978 8386 for an initial discussion, without obligation. Alternatively, email [email protected] with your contact details and we'll call you back. We are very confident that Invoice Finance can be an important part of your finance strategy and help you achieve your objectives.

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