Equipment Solutions Checklist

1. Pre-check - Call 0800 978 8386 or email
2. Proposal - Rivermore ProTools+ Online Calculator: Login at or Demo Video at
3. Proposal Response/Status and Documentation - Automatic
4. Invoicing -
5. Payout - Original signed paperwork, invoice, delivery confirmation
6. Lifetime Agreement Management - Call 0800 978 8386 or email

For maintenance payments Rivermore operate a self-billing system with payments made direct by BACS. To get set up for this please contact us and we'll email you a simple one-off form for completion and return.

Key Features of Equipment Rental

1. Low initial outlay (Doesn't tie up customer cash in depreciating assets)
2. Cash can be used elsewhere in their business
3. Fixed cost - Easy Budgeting
4. 100% of rentals offset against taxable profits

Any questions at any point... call 0800 978 8386 or email